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Syrups Botanical Rose syrup

Botanical Rose syrup

A delicate, fragrant syrup made with real rose to add a gentle pink hue to menus in summer and winter.


Containing real rose, this botanical syrup easily adds the trend for Middle Eastern flavours to drink menus. Sweetbird Rose partners with lemonade and iced tea syrups for exciting and unique refreshment when the weather is hot. Even better, when these are combined in a blender with Sweetbird Liquid Frappe to create granitas and frozen lemonades. In winter, adding just two pumps to hot chocolate offers customers the ultimate Turkish Delight treat. This syrup works well with white chocolate too, whether milkshake, frappé or chocolate. Being free from artificial colour this syrup adds a gentle pink tint to drinks, rather than a garish artificial pink colour.


  • Made in Bristol, UK
  • Made with British sugar
  • Made with real rose
  • Free from artificial flavourings, preservatives and colours
  • Registered with The Vegan Society
  • 30% Post-consumer recycled plastic bottles


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