Switch to Sweetbird!

15 August 2019

Are you thinking about making the switch to Sweetbird? Well, our September Flavour Focus gives you all the reasons you need! From all our 54 syrups being approved by The Vegan Society, to our versatile frappé powders and delicious fruit purées, The Sweetbird range can be used to make literally hundreds of drinks.

In this Flavour Focus, we show you how you can use the same ingredients in both hot and cold drinks, making for an easy transition from your Summer to Winter menus – for example a Raspberry & Green Tea Milkshake becomes a Matcha & Raspberry Latte using the same ingredients, just by varying the method. We also introduce some recipes make with our new Speculoos syrup, such as a Lime Cheesecake Frappé.

Download the PDF here.

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