Going totally nuts

16 August 2021

Fantastically nutty, yet nut free! our flavour specialists have developed an incredible array of nut flavoured syrups that are suitable for people with nut allergies and still irresistibly nutty*. Hot or cold, coffee and nut flavours are a match made in heaven. Flavours have been added to coffee almost since the day it was discovered, with nuts being the foremost. Get your nutty recipes ready for the change from summer to autumn by offering cold nut frappés, milkshakes and iced coffees that can easily transition into delicious nut lattes, hot chocolates and mochas as the temperatures change.

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*All our syrups are nut free and made at a nut free site. However, we cannot vouch for the drinks that are made with our syrups as they may introduce other products that contain nuts in the process of making them.

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