Autumn and Winter Trends for 2022

10 October 2022

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It’s time for winter menus and seasonal specials so we’ve taken a look at what drinks are popular and what flavours should be making it onto your menu boards over the next few months.

Pumpkin Spice

It has to be said, there’s no getting way from it; the infamous Pumpkin Spice is back on menus across the world. Whether it’s a latte, cold foam or a muffin, this flavour is everywhere. Why? Because it delivers all the things we want from Autumn: warming spices, a hint of sweetness and a cosy feeling.

Sweet Surprises

We’ve all seen the growing popularity of nostalgic flavours across all seasons and this year is no different. We’re seeing flavours like Maple, Honeycomb, Brown Sugar and Caramel popping up on menus this year keeping drinks simple but sweet with warm, almost smoky flavours that pair perfectly with hot or cold coffee, hot chocolate and alternative milks.

Top it Off

We all know that a hot chocolate is not a hot chocolate without a squeeze of whipped cream and a sprinkling of mini marshmallows but this year we’re seeing a big lift in perfectly dressed drinks – not quite to the level of the “freakshake” from a few years ago but along the same vein.

It’s not just whipped cream either; the popularity of cold foam and “sweet cream” has taken over menus around the world. Easily made in a busy café environment cold foam is a fantastic low-fat alternative to whipped cream that can be made in a Blendtec Cold Foam jar in seconds.

Let’s Get Nostalgic

There’s nothing like winter markets and twinkling lights to get people feeling all nostalgic and so we’re seeing a number of classic flavours like Gingerbread, Eggnog and Irish Cream finding their way into lattes, hot chocolates, frappés and more.

Looking for more ways to incorporate the latest drink trends into your seasonal menus?

Check out these how to make recipe videos or download your free Winter Essential Recipe Pack.

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